How can we have a pest-free home? What is the best possible solution to prevent pests in the first place? Many other similar questions might pop up in every homeowner’s head when they think of maintaining a house in perfect shape. However, among many other solutions, one of the best ways to control pest infestation is to prevent it from happening in the first place. 

This can be done by taking proactive measures like cleaning, trimming trees, cleaning gutters, sealing cracks, keeping food enclosed, and so forth. Here in this article, we have mentioned a few essential tips that can help you in pest prevention.    

  1. Clean The Home Regularly

Usually, most of the pests are likely to be attracted to the most unhygienic or dirty places. Food crumbs on the floor spilled drinks, and leftover apple pie on the countertops will attract pests from far away, especially ants and cockroaches. Therefore, cleaning the home regularly will help you keep the house hygienic and free from pest infestation. For preventing pest infestation seasonal pest control, cleaning, vacuuming, and mopping are probably the best methods you can perform to have a pest-free house.  

  1. Repair All Leaking Pipes

Plumbing and pest control have a lot more in common than you ever imagined. The leaking pipes at home are the leading cause of many pest infestations. Leaky pipes offer standing water to rats, ants, and cockroaches. Similarly, termites tend to find a home in the moist places in the leaky pipes. Therefore, make sure to get all the leaking pipes fixed at your place and also inspect the house regularly to detect any minor leakages or erosion. However, in case of a house infested with pests consider taking residential pest control services to avoid further damage. 

  1. Seal Up All Cracks And Holes

The cracks and holes serve as an entrance for the pests. The smallest crack in the wall or roof can result in multiple entry points for the pests. The pests can squeeze through even through the tiniest of the cracks. A space of 1 cm is more than enough for the ants, rodents, and cockroaches to enter the house. Therefore, make sure to keep in mind that all the seals must be closed using caulk or sealants. The roof and walls must be sealed properly. 

  1. Dispose Garbage Properly

Waste or garbage in the house is the leading cause of multiple problems including pest infestation and disease spread, garbage must be disposed of immediately. As it is an attractive point for the pests. Flies and cockroaches are mostly attracted towards the garbage. Therefore, keep the garbage out of the house in bigger cans for the garbage collectors to collect it. 

Moreover, use a lid containing garbage cans to place garbage inside the house. Avoid leaving garbage inside the house for a night. A good bin also minimizes any leakages, especially when accidentally toppled over, and more importantly prevents pests from entering the bin to scavenge for their food source.